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My Tools

Maya - 80%
ZBrush - 85%
Substance Painter - 70%
After Effects - 40%
Unity - 35%
3D Studio Max - 65%
Illustrator - 80%
Photoshop - 75%
Flash - 65%
Dream Weaver - 50%
Sony Studio Pro - 75%
Wordpress - 90%
office - 75%

My Skills

Modeling - 80%
Sculpting 85%
Animation - 65%
Rigging - 50%
Web - 80%
Photography 70%
Illustration - 80%
Social networks - 55%
Marketing - 65%
copy (scripts and arguments) - 70%
English (B2) - 60%

What I Do

Everything I do and everything I always will is to obey my passion for my career, continue to study and grow as a complete professional designer and 3D artist.

Integral design

Development of graphic pieces for all kinds of market, combining tools such as; Adobe CS6 suite, Maya, 3D Studio Max and Sony Studio Pro for editing audio and video.


Experience in product and event photography, artwork for animation and multimedia websites


The positioning of a website is a complex job, requires a market study and a successful orientation in the look & feel of the product.


Focus on content development with a structured concept that starts from a preliminary analysis of the brand, its products and the market.

Meet me

I am a Visual Designer with experience in web design, photography and advertising illustration, currently dedicated to computer graphics, I recently finished two Masters; 3D workflow and pipeline of advanced production at Trazos School of Arts in Madrid, which have expanded my knowledge in modeling and sculpting with Maya and ZBrush, and includes rendering engines like V-Ray and Renderman, my goal is to become a complete and highly competitive CG Artist..


Leonardo Morán

3D Artist – Graphic Designer – Web Designer

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